Thermographic Surveys

Monition has been at the forefront of condition monitoring and application of thermography for over twenty years working with its customers worldwide to develop services that that not only illustrate problem areas but deliver “real” cost benefit and call to action.

The services and reporting that Monition offer have all been developed in partnership with its customer base to offer practical information with an ease of use and call to action for the business and production areas as a whole.

Listed Below are a list of services that are available for customers world wide.

Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical Thermography is the safest, non-intrusive and most efficient technique for identifying faulty & overheating components in mechanical equipment.

Electrical Thermography

Electrical systems are the most critical items within office buildings and industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned stoppages. Thermography is ideal for carrying out Electrical Safety Inspections, be it to source that loose bus-bar connection or that overloaded component in your main electrical panel.

Building Energy Surveys

A full survey of your building, may reveal simple, low cost measures which will make a significant impact on your energy usage. This might include the use of thermal imaging to identify areas of heat loss and air leakage.

Steam & Hot Water Energy Loss

Monition's Energy Loss Surveys combine Thermography and the use of scientifically developed Energy Tablet software to identify & quantify Energy Losses from Steam Heating Pipelines, Refrigeration Pipelines, Boilers, Hot Water Systems.

Refrigerant System Energy Loss

Energy loss from chilled water and refrigerant system takes on a different concept. Rather than identifying heat loss we are looking at areas that allow heat ingress. Whislt the ingress of heat to the system requires more energy to ensure the system is at correct level.

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