Thermal Camera Applications

Flir Thermal Cameras are utilised in many industrial and commercial sectors. This includes many areas of applications across public and private sectors. Thermal camera applications include Industrial Deployment, Building & Renewable Energy, Border security, Cores & Components, Security, Research & Development, Maritime, Automation, Gas Imaging, Transportation, Law Enforcement, Outdoor usage and Fire fighting. Each one of these is covered in more details on this page.

FLIR Thermal Cameras for Industrial Applications

The use of thermography has revolutionized predictive maintenance inspection programs for virtually all types of industries.

A thermal imaging camera is a reliable non contact instrument which is able to scan and visualize the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. thermography programs have contributed to substantial cost savings for our customers around the world.

Thermal Cameras for Building Diagnostics

The building sector offers the largest single potential for improving energy efficiency, and therefore the EU has formed a directive for Energy Performance of Buildings (European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EPBD), that will become mandatory within the EU for all new buildings and large construction during 2008.

Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors' attention allowing him or her to properly diagnose areas with energy loss.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Border Security and Coastal Surveillance

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used for Homeland Security. Thanks to their ability to detect human-sized targets several kilometres away, they are extremely suited for border surveillance and protection. Some FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras can detect human-sized targets at a distance of practically 20 kilometres away.

Protecting a country’s borders is vital to its Homeland Security. It is, however, very challenging to detect potential intruders or smugglers in total darkness or in diverse weather conditions. Thermal imaging cameras can help border control professionals to meet the demands they face at night and in other low-light situations. Thermal imaging cameras can be integrated in a border security project with radars and other sensors in a so called “slew-to-cue” mode.

Cores and Components

FLIR Systems markets a full product line for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that want to incorporate the power of thermal imaging in their own products.

FLIR Systems uses Core by Indigo products in virtually all of its application areas: vehicle vision systems; security & surveillance; maritime, and law enforcement. In addition, many of our cores and components are sold directly to OEM customers as brochure products.

Security Cameras

Thermal Imaging for Security - Thermal cameras compliment and complete your security camera network by giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye, turning night into day. Thermal security cameras make images from the heat energy that is around us all the time, not from reflected visible light, giving you true 24/7 imaging capability without lights or illuminators. Thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurants better and farther than visible light, allowing you to see what’s out there through haze, smoke, dust and even light fog. Day and night, through good weather and bad, close up and far away, FLIR’s thermal security cameras do it all.

Thermal Imaging for Research & Development

In Research & Development and product/process testing, accuracy and reliability are vitally important. FLIR's SC-Series IR cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real time, allowing engineers to see and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.

That's why FLIR infrared cameras are widely used around the world for applications as diverse as micro-electronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, injection molding, consumer appliance design, telecommunications, target heat signatures, mechanical testing, R&D and much more.

Thermal imaging cameras for maritime application

FLIR Systems markets a full range of thermal imaging cameras for the most demanding marine applications. Our thermal imaging cameras are rapidly finding their way to pleasure craft and yachts, commercial vessels, work boats, fishing boats, cruise ships and many other types of vessels.

Thermal Cameras for Automation

In all industries the possibility to automatically ensure quality and to prevent and detect fires is of vital importance. The solution can be a fixed infrared camera that monitors your process or asset continuously, detecting minute temperature differences in a 24/7 manner. This methodology has been implemented in a wide range of industrial automation applications all around the world.

FLIR thermal imagers offer affordable, fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as process development and optimization, industrial process monitoring, product verification, quality assurance, safety applications and more. An infrared camera can detect even small temperature differences in most operating conditions, including when there is smoke, fog or steam involved in the measurement situation.

FLIR Thermal Cameras for Gas Imaging

Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye. Yet companies transport and transform these ingredients every day.

Optical imaging using FLIR GasFindIR thermal cameras, offer a number of benefits compared to traditional “sniffers” because they scan a broader area much more rapidly and in areas that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools. Infrared displays a leak as a plume of vapour in the infrared image. Once a leak is found, from a safe distance, you can use your TVA to quantify the concentration.

Thermal imaging cameras for automotive night vision

The FLIR Systems PathFindIR is a compact thermal imaging camera that significantly reduces the hazards of night time driving.

Automotive Night Vision Systems enable drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards on or near the road, allowing more time to react to any potential danger. PathFindIR Thermal imager helps the user recognize pedestrians, animals, or objects in total darkness, smoke, rain and snow. The PathFindIR module can be integrated into military vehicle designs, or adapted for aftermarket commercial vehicle applications. The PathFindIR is available in 25 Hz PAL / 30 Hz NTSC or 8.3 Hz PAL / 7.5 Hz NTSC.

Law Enforcement

Thermal imaging cameras: perfect tools for security and law enforcement applications.

Thermal imaging cameras produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. Contrary to other technologies, thermal imaging cameras need no light whatsoever to produce a crisp image. They can see through light fog and smoke, in practically all weather conditions. This makes them the perfect tools for security and law enforcement applications.

Law enforcement missions require officers to respond in a moment’s notice. FLIR’s line of thermal camera systems for law enforcement operations give officers the tactical advantage they need to respond effectively and safely, whenever they’re called. FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras are being used worldwide by police and customs departments and by private security companies that are sending walking patrols out to secure an area. Thermal imaging cameras do not only produce a clear image in total darkness, they are also extremely useful during daylight. Thermal contrast is extremely difficult to mask. Someone trying to hide in shadows or bushes and people that are trying to camouflage themselves, will become clearly visible on a thermal image. Thermal imaging cameras are also not blinded by glare from the sun. They produce a crisp image in practically all weather conditions. FLIR Systems thermal imagers are powerful tools in the fight against crime. They allow to see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, and light foliage. A FLIR handheld thermal imaging camera allows you to see the suspect, without revealing your own location.

Thermal imaging cameras for wildlife observations

After sunset, a lot of animals are active. With the help of a thermal imaging camera like the TS-Series you will be able to monitor their activities. The TS-Series will not only help you to find animals in total darkness but during daylight as well.

Thermal imaging cameras make extremely small temperature differences visible. Based on these temperature differences they create a clear image. Furthermore, thermal contrast is extremely difficult to mask. This means that during daylight you will clearly see animals that are hidden in trees or bushes. Their natural camouflage will not help them to hide anymore. Thermal imaging cameras are widely used by professional documentary makers and hunters worldwide. Until now they have been extremely expensive. The TS-Series are now bringing thermal imaging cameras within reach of nature and wildlife enthusiasts and for hunters.

Portable thermal imaging cameras for firefighting support use

The HF-Series are rugged handheld thermal imaging cameras that can be used for firefighting applications.

Thermal imaging cameras do not need any light whatsoever to create a crisp image. And maybe even more important for fire fighters, they can also see through smoke. With a thermal imaging camera you can remotely assess the effectiveness of ongoing fire fighting activities, assist with the direction of extinguishing activity even in smoke filled areas outside, find your way around in the ever-growing smoky environment due to extinguishing efforts and/or in areas already extinguished but filled with residual smoke.

A thermal imaging camera will also give you useful information about parts of a fire that are still hot. These areas need to be extinguished again in order to prevent spontaneous combustion.

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