Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical Thermography is the safest, non-intrusive and most efficient technique for identifying faulty & overheating components in mechanical equipment.

Cost-effective and with immediate results - An Mechanical Thermography Survey enables you to prevent equipment failures and save hundreds of hours of wasted time in routine testing of components.

Using Thermal Imaging technology to capture heat-generated images - Monition’s Infrared Thermography Survey provides an instant , precise, non-contact analysis of plant & machinery condition to highlight faulty components such as bearings, motors, fuses, relays, steam pipes, drive gears & belts.

All identified problems are discussed during the survey, and our accompanying Mechanical Thermography report:

  • Highlights all faults & problem areas.
  • Provides an assessment of fault severity.
  • Offers engineer’s recommendations for required corrective maintenance.
  • Includes accompanying photographs and thermal images of precise fault location.

No special preparations are necessary - a Monition Mechanical Thermography Survey is conducted quickly, safely and with no interruption to machinery operation - the information gathered enables you to target your maintenance resources where they're needed most.

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Mechanical Themography

Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical Thermography

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